Sunday, September 25, 2011

Healing Hearts--Now is the Time

This blog is not about healing our physical hearts, but healing our emotional and spiritual hearts, which also will improve the physical heart.

This weekend I was able to spend some much needed time in nature.  When I was at Cascade Springs, as I watched the water flow down in beautiful cascades, I felt purified.  I was inspired to write down some feelings that I knew I needed to share with you.

Now is the time, the time to allow the flow of life to cleanse us, balance us, purify us and bring us into alignment with who we really are.

Now is the time to let go of anger, resentment, fear and coveting (wanting what we don't have). Coveting is the greatest source of pain.  Coveting keeps us from knowing love.  Coveting keeps us in anger, hate, jealousy, judgment and criticism.  It causes war in the world, in our community, in our families and in our own hearts.  It is time to let go of the attachment and need we have for those things which we don't have.

How do we do this?  By loving what is.  Ah, I have a big belly.  I choose to love that belly and all parts of my body, no matter how it looks, no matter how it works.  I love how my body has served me and blessed me and what it is teaching me. 

I have no money?  I choose to love all that I possess and feel gratitude for what I do have, and express appreciation for those things that I don't have, because all is in divine order and I am learning to trust that God provides that which is important for me to possess.

I am not appreciated for all that I do?  I choose to love those that seem not to notice my hard work, and love myself for what I can do.  I choose to serve in the way my heart tells me to, without expectation of anything in return.  I know that this is how God loves.

I have a judgment about someone?  I love the aspect that I am judging along with all of the good in that person.  Then I look at myself and love that aspect of myself that I am judging, and see all of the good in ME!

Am I out of balance?  I get into balance by loving what is.  Do I love my neighbor and yell at my child?  Then I choose to love myself and my child, even in our weakness.  Do I forgive a friend but hold a grudge against my mother?  Then I choose to love my mother and myself, even in our weakness.  Do I profess to love peace but dislike or look down on a group of people?  Then I choose to love them and me, even in our weakness, and bring peace into my heart.  I choose to love others and myself the way we are, by loving what is.

Now is the time to stop worrying about everyone else and heal our own hearts.  According to some scientists our DNA holds a hologram of the universe.  All that is outside of us is also within us.  As we take the war, the anger, the resentment, the abuse, the coveting, the coldness and blocks to feeling out of our own hearts, the entire universe shifts.

Now is the time to allow ourselves to feel.  How many medicines we take and addictions we have to keep ourselves from feeling.  We desire peace and joy and freedom, but when we chain ourselves up to keep from feeling the dark, it also keeps us from feeling the light.  There is no need to fear our feelings.  They are a necessary part of our earth existance.  Now is the time to unchain ourselves and allow the pain to flow through like water, feeling the ice cold, feeling the searing heat, feeling the fearful rapids, and let it move on until we are cleansed and can feel the gentle, loving, life-giving waters of the spring, the love from our Source.  It is the only way.

Now is the time to take a stand.  As we come to know that we are perfectly learning through our weakness, as we become loving and tender to ourselves, then we are ready to take a stand against war and abuse and hate and prejudice and judgment.

The days of frantically seeking knowledge are over.  Now is the time to BE, to LOVE what is, to call forth POWER with WISDOM, to BE the LIGHT on the hill, to BE at PEACE with our hearts, our homes, our work and our lives, knowing that all is PERFECT, no matter how it looks.

Rather than seeking to change things, just by BE-ing me, by loving what is, by BE-ing my LIGHT, by BE-ing at PEACE, the world changes.

So many are on the verge of giving up.  Don't give up!! You may be just one, but the power of one can change the world.  Don't give up on yourself.  Love yourself exactly the way you are, no matter what the weakness, even if you feel no one else loves you.  The power of your own love for yourself is magnified to infinity by those unseen who truly love you.  The power of your own love for yourself will change you, guaranteed!  Love what is, love yourself the way you are in this very moment, be tender and kind and patient with yourself, and you are changed!

By loving what is, I am open to an abundance of love, which is all that everyone in the world truly desires.  They seek for that love in many ways, often finding false substitutes.  When I love what is, I am prepared for what may come.  Whatever is necessary in living, serving, giving, teaching, and healing comes to me at the perfect moment, to bless the world and glorify God.

And so it is.

Click here: YOU ARE LOVED!

Until we meet again,
Dr. Judi


Anonymous said...

And YOU are loved as well!!!!

Sharon said...

I have a couple of questions about your suggested weight loss diet (and insulin/sugar control diet). I noticed in the good fats you included coconut oil, which I thought was full of saturated fats, and you didn't list canola oil, which I thought was supposed to be good for you. Can you explain why? Also, I ordered the carb and weight control capsules. It says to take them 15 minutes before meals. If my main problem is eating between meals, does it help with that? Is the timing for taking the capsules the same? How long does the decrease of hunger last? How long does the carb blocking last?

Thank you for all your good advice.

Dr. Judi said...

Thank you, Sharon. Those are good questions.

Canola oil is a genetically engineered and selectively bred form of rapeseed oil, which really hasn't been adequately studied in humans. There are enough questions about its safety that I don't include it in "good" oils.

Coconut oil has been given a bad rap. The "saturated" fats that the public has been taught to avoid are actually medium chain triglycerides, which have a lot of health benefits, including weight loss. It withstands high heat better than other oils, so it is my preferred oil to cook with.

The Carb & Weight control should be able to keep the munchies down between meals for most people. However, since everyone is different, it will not hurt to take an extra one between meals if you find your cravings are not controlled. I do personally keep healthy between meal snacks on hand, which are not harmful, such as a handful of trailmix, a piece of fruit, or a cheese stick. That way I am not so tempted to eat the bad stuff. And whenever I feel tempted, I drink water first. I sometimes take and extra dose at night if I know I will be tempted.

The carb blocking will work mostly for the meal, but should also help to a degree between meals for healthy snacks. However, if you do find yourself eating a high carb item between meals, you may want to take a capsule with it.

Maria said...

Profound, and just what I needed to read right now. Thank you so much for your loving generous heart, I am so glad there is a YOU!

Natalie said...

This is really beautiful. You seem like a remarkable person. It is just what I need to hear today since I am not feeling so positive. I love that it was tagged with "don't give up".
OK, I have a question. I have had fibromyalgia and CFIDS for 19 years. I have done candida diets, cleanses, gone grain-free for 9 months, I rarely eat dairy, but I have not had any big improvements. In fact, I just get worse. I am partially bed-ridden, debilitated and unable to work. I have been to many doctors, and have treated adrenals, hypothyroid, etc. My saliva tested as free of gluten-allergies, but would be willing to try that diet if it helped me feel better. (Although I don't understand then why I wouldn't feel any better completely grain-free!)

I believe the immune system is key and some deep infections are part of my issue. Do you believe that infections are a big part of these illnesses? Do you test for them often? Thank you.

Dr. Judi said...

Natalie, I am sorry you are so sick. It sounds like you have worked hard to get better. However, if you are not yet better, then you have not yet found the cause of your illness. Illness doesn't just happen. There are causes and triggers. With chronic illness, other systems may be overloaded so you become worse--such as thyroid and hormones and allergies and candida. But they might not be the cause.

Yes, I believe chronic, low-grade infections are involved in fibromyalgia. But what is keeping the immune system from being able to heal those infections?

I recommend you do two things. First is to find a biological dentist that knows how to find underlying infections that may not be on x-ray. Those infections are hard to heal without expert dental work.

Second, I recommend that you be tested for both heavy metals and environmental toxins. Most physicians associated with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) or the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) will know how to do this type of testing. If your body cannot detoxify well then many other systems in your body will not work well.

Best wishes to you for your healing.

JJ said...

Love heals all things. You are a great teacher Dr. Judi..........God bless you. You are an amazing healer. You are loved. You bless my life.